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QLD 4WD Sales and Lincoln Australia are now part of American classic cars and are now totally internet based, as the market for American Classic Cars is a world wide market both in buying and selling.

Barry has a very strong search base in USA, from which Barry sources absolutely magnificent American classic cars.

Any type of car can be sourced and you can be assured the very best American classic cars will be found.

Years of experience has resulted in safe and cost effective USA land transportation and the best in container shipment to Australia. If a car of your dreams is not in stock we will find it for you, you will save money and worry less by allowing us to find that dream american car for you.

Use our services and experience the first class convenience of simply picking up your car when it arrives, so you can finally drive home in that special American car you've wanted for all these years.

American cars built from World War 2 through to the late 1970's are truly a big part of motoring history.

Only America could and would build such timeless vehicles and certainly nobody will ever build cars like these legends ever again. Owning one and driving one is an exhilarating experience - Barry and Cheryl can make this happen for you by contacting us right now.

Barry Arentz and his wife Cheryl trade under their parent company of Enterprise Auto Service founded by Barry's father during World War 2 and has been serving the motoring needs of people for over 60 years.

Barry Arentz has had extensive experience in the motor industry through a vast array of activities. He has competed successfully in motor-sport, had five runs in the Big Bathurst race, competed in round Australia trials and has quite a few records to his name.

He has all the qualifications to understand peoples motoring needs and has a real personal passion for the beautiful classic American cars.

Make sure you click on 'making your dreams come true,' because if anybody can - "BARRY CAN".

Classic American Cars - serving the motoring needs of people for over 60 years. If anybody can Classic American Cars and it's team can.

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